Are you ready for a STORM CHASING ADVENTURE of a lifetime?!

Starting in 2019 I will no longer be offering storm chase tours. My sincere thanks to my guests / friends who have been chasing with me for many years and to everyone who has joined me for a chase tour.


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My son (age 14) and I (Dad-age 50) went chasing with Dean in mid May 2009. We caught 2 tornadoes and several spectacular severe thunderstorms! It was VERY intense-but very FUN! The most impressive part of the trip was Deans ability to forecast and position us into optimal viewing locations. The array of "techy" gear Dean brings along is state of the art. But what stood out the most -was Dean's ability to incorporate his gear along with his "gut" feelings. It is quite clear that Dean has found his life passion and enjoys the chase as much (if not more) as we do. Thanks for sharing your passion Dean! Your the best!

Mike & David T. Benicia, CA


My “Short Notice Chase” with Dean was AWESOME! We saw so many amazing things, super cells, wall clouds, and the most INCREDIBLE lightning show on a tornado warned cell. I really felt like a true “storm chaser” A short notice chase was the best thing for me as I really couldn’t go for a week and it was hard to plan out my schedule that far in advance. Also, we already had an idea that the chance for severe storms was high during our chase days. Dean was wonderful to work with. He is super nice and soooo good at what he does. I truly had one of the best times of my life and I can’t wait to chase again with Dean next year.

Kari C. Texas




"Windswept Chase Tours is a very personal, successful chase tour company run by Dean Cosgrove, a close friend of ours. Dean has been chasing for many years and offers the highest quality chasing experience for a surprisingly affordable price! Every time we see a beautiful storm or a large tornado, we run into Dean on the side of the road….and he is usually there before we arrive!! In fact, on May 24th, 2004, Dean videotaped ~15 tornadoes produced from an amazing Supercell in South Central Nebraska while we were still driving to catch up to it! Luckily we captured the last 2 tornadoes.

Dean is not only one of the BEST Chasers on the Plains, he is an amazing photographer and a very intelligent, interesting, kind person. We have known Dean for years and are positive that you will have an unforgettable tour with him! His goal is the same as ours, to share our passion for severe weather with others and help you achieve your chasing goals!" - The Twister Sisters

  • On a Windswept Tour you will be in a vehicle with up to 3 other guests and the tour guide, which will allow you to enjoy the trip and learn from one of the best storm chasers. You will be a participating member of the "Chase Team", rather than just another body crammed in a 15 passenger van like with other tour companies.
  • You and the other guests will have the opportunity to drive during the chase, experiencing firsthand what it's like to be a real Stormchaser!
  • You will learn about and have access to top of the line storm chasing equipment.
  • General rates are only $175 per person per day plus gas, food, hotel, and a per diem. You and the other guests will also provide the vehicle to chase in. Although expense costs can vary, by sharing the cost of the rental vehicle paying for their own gas, food and hotel rooms, Dean's guests have reported that their TOTAL expenses have been significanlty less than the cost of larger tour companies, where you are stuck in a 15 passenger van all day!
    • It is recommended that all the guests on one tour pitch in to rent a Dodge Caravan. This will hold up to 4 guests and the tour guide comfortably and allow for great chasing! If you have a suitable vehicle of your own, you can choose to use it instead of a rental.
  • For Safety reasons, smoking or alcohol will not be allowed in the chase vehicle.
  • Dean will be constantly monitoring the weather conditions on his laptop and navigating to the best storm from the front passenger seat. Therefore, the guests will take turns driving he will not be driving.
  • Chasing with Dean on a Windswept Chase Tour will be the most AMAZING chase experience you could hope for!

*Tour Dates??: Tour dates are adjustable. We are willing to work with you on creating a custom tour for the days you want to chase. We can cut a tour back to less than 5 days if you prefer, but the more days, the better odds of seeing a tornado!

*Want more than 4 guests??: Most tours will consist of only 4 guests to keep the tours small and personal. However, if you have a larger group that would like to go on a tour OR if you have 2 people who want to join a tour but there is only 1 seat remaining, please let us know and we can work with you. There will be a minimum of 2 guests on a tour


 GENERAL INFO ON HOW YOUR TOUR WILL GET STARTED : The following could vary depending on where you are coming from to meet me but it will give you an idea of how this will work . Most of my Guests fly into Denver the day before their tour starts. The majority of them book a room in North, Platte NE for the evening before their tour starts. North Platte is approx a 4 - 4.5 hour drive from Denver. Curtis is about a 45 minute drive from North Platte, NE.

The best vehicle to rent for the Chase Tour is the Dodge Grand Caravan. You may also use your own vehicle. If you are using your vehicle please let me know what type of vehicle it is.

I will be in be in touch prior to your tour to go over details of our meeting in Curtis, NE to set up my equipment in the Dodge Caravan (or whatever type of vehicle we will be using for your tour). I will also update you at that time on how and where the potential is looking for severe weather. It usually takes around 2 hours to get all my gear and equipment loaded and set up in the Van. Usually we will be able to do this on the morning of your first chase day. I will let you know when to meet me when I contact you with an update prior to your tour starting .

PLEASE REMEMBER!! There are no guarantees or refunds!!! We will take you chasing when there is the highest probability of severe weather and tornadoes but we can't control Mother Nature! However, we do expect you will have an amazing trip, see some awesome weather, and learn how to chase tornadoes no matter what Mother Nature blows our way!

You can sign up for a tour by sending an email to:

Please provide the following: your name, phone number, how many guests, and tour dates you prefer. When we have confirmed these dates with you, Dean will ask for a deposit to reserve your spot.



A deposit of 25% of the TOUR FEE per person is required to reserve the dates for a tour after you have confirmed the dates with Dean Cosgrove.

Deposit Payment Method

Option 1:
Send check payable to Windswept Enterprises to the following address:

Windswept Enterprises
PO Box 145
Curtis, NE 69025

Option 2: Pay using a credit card through Paypal. An additional handling fee of 3% of the deposit amount will be needed if you decide to use Paypal. Payments from out of US are currently 3.9%. You will be charged at Paypal rate in effect at time of your payment .Dean will send you a paypal invoice that includes your fee amount if you choose this option. You may also pay by check to avoid the fees.

Cancellation and Refund Policy
Should your plans change and you need to cancel, your deposit is non-refundable. However, you may apply your deposit to a tour at another time during the same chase season. In the extremely unlikely event that Windswept Enterprises must cancel a tour prior to the start of a tour, your deposit will be refunded in full or applied to another tour during the season, at your discretion.

The full Tour Fee balance is due 30 days before your tour is scheduled to start.


Please contact Dean Cosgrove at: